Hello and welcome to my website, an homage to that inner element we call swagger.

My name is Laurie and, when I was 19, I lost my swagger.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say a spinal cord injury stole my swagger.  It took me by surprise from the sidelines of life and, as I stumbled to the ground, it walked away with my strut in its step.  Yes, a spinal cord injury will do that every time.

But before melancholy gets the better of us, let me say this website is about the search to get my swagger back.  It is a journal, of sorts, to share with my friends and family the joy, frustration and hard work involved in my journey: a journey of loss and gain; paralysis and function; independence; and an appreciation of self. This website will detail my quest to reclaim my swagger.

That’s right, I’m bringing swagger back.

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