October 2011. A video narrative of my journey (so far).
Note: I made this video for an article my physiotherapist, Janice, wrote.

August 2011. The beginning of my “Month of Rehab”.


March 2011. The Progress Continues


December 2010. My Dad has been waiting for quite a while to dance with me.  Finally, on NYE in Florida, we were able to make that happen. He was so happy. It is passable as dancing, but I have lots of work ahead of me.


August 2010.  Climbing stairs. Sometime in July I started working on climbing a step.  Out of necessity while in Europe I figured out that I could climb a flight of stairs.


July 2010. Taking a stroll at the cottage.  The rough road surface really creates drag for my left foot. I guess the challenge is good for me.


August 2009. I’ve started using a walker. Not bad, but the dorsiflexors in my left foot are not cooperating.  I’ll figure it out.


On Father’s Day in June 2009, I took my first steps in 14+ years.  My parents were so excited when I called that they came to see it for themselves the next week.  This video is my first steps with my dad during their visit. It was mistakenly filmed in stop time so it looks like I make pretty quick work of the distance. In real time I’m much slower.


2 responses

9 11 2010

Hi Laurie,

I just had a chance to read your Fall posts and watch your new video. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I’m so glad you are doing this blog. I always feel so inspired after reading it. I love knowing about your progress. I’ve checked off the box below to be notified when there are new posts to your site. I look forward to one day being blown away by your progress in person. 🙂

Love, Sue

18 01 2013

Laurie, I have always believed you would walk again-ask my parents-I always said one day it will happen I just believe it will

love you
Tammy Bradshaw

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