15 10 2011

The stride length and speed of my left leg is poor.  At physio, I’ve started a new exercise to address this – demonstrated in this video.

The concept behind the movement is this: Janice and I both hold a length of dowel, I’m leaning forward pushing against her with the dowel and she is resisting the push.  She gives in a little to my push and I have to take a sizable and quick step forward so I don’t fall.

I’m so glad I taped this activity because what I perceived to be happening and what was actually happening (in the video) were two different things.  I felt like I was really leaning into Janice and practically lunging with each step.  The video reveals a slight angle and what would be considered average steps. The footage is helping me reconcile reality in my mind.

I was nervous landing these larger strides on my weaker leg. However, with the dowel/Janice to balance into, it wasn’t a problem.  The same can be said for walking with the walker; stride length and speed increase when I’m able to balance with it.  However, I have no confidence landing that big stride with a cane or walking unassisted where there is nothing with which to adjust my balance or stop me from face planting.  I’m tempted, but a broken nose is an effective deterrent.  Slow increases it is then.




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