Philosophy 101

19 08 2011

When I was first paralyzed, there was a numbness and disbelief factor  – the “I can’t believe I’m never going to walk again” emotion that crept up occasionally and overwhelmed me. This eventually subsided as routine and everyday life made wheeling normal.  I think my previous posts convey the similar numbness and disbelief factors associated with the “I can’t believe I’m going to be walking again” emotion.  Now that time has passed and I have progressed, I’ve pretty much accepted this too.  I’m no longer stunned or get so excited I can’t sleep.  It’s become routine knowledge.  Well, not quite yet, but this is where I’m headed.

I’m sure there’s plenty of research out there, but, having read absolutely none of it, I’m concluding that people have a resounding ability to adapt and accept life’s changing parameters and to thrive within them.  This conclusion is based completely on my own anecdotal experience, so feel free to comment if you have an opinion.




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