Seeing Eye-to-Eye

13 06 2011

I feel six feet tall.  I’m not. I’m 5’6”, but I feel so much taller.  The change in elevation and eye line from sitting to standing has a surprising effect on me.  I used to look up at everyone and almost everything.  I hadn’t put much thought into the impact this perspective had on me (other than the occasional sore neck).  In regaining height, however, I’m now aware that elevation creates differing perspectives of the world.  It affects how I assess situations, take on tasks and, more broadly, how I approach life.

Because the change in the angle of my eye line has been so dramatic, it actually feels like I’m looking down at people of equivalent height and meeting people much taller eye-to-eye.  The brain is a wondrous mystery.

This change also manifests in another way.  I’m afraid I can’t explain adequately the impact of speaking with people on an equal visual plane, so please forgive the simplicity of this statement and accept that it means so much more than the simple words state: I feel equal. I do not mean to imply that I feel unequal while seated.  For example, picture yourself seated behind a desk speaking to someone standing. Despite that you are speaking as, and are, in fact, equals, there is a different feeling derived from a conversation where parties are at different heights then where both are seated or standing. Maybe a more appropriate statement would be that I feel more equal?

So my take away from this post, for anyone interested, is to find a seat or crouch a little (in a respectful way, of course) to level the eye line when you chat with someone in a chair or anyone who is of a significantly different height.




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