Dancing with Myself

25 10 2010

I feel young again!  I was just standing at my desk doing some quarter squats when some fun music came on and I started dancing.  Whew, what a work out – but so much fun!  It’s a great way to get in those pesky squats, shift weight from side to side, rotate the body and practice balance.  I love it.  I think it’s going to become a part of my home workout routine. Anything that helps with the monotony of exercise is welcomed.

On that note, I’m hoping to borrow my sister’s Wii.  I think that trying to play some of the sports while standing will force me to use my quads and core muscles for balance – hopefully keeping my mind off of the actual work.

I’ve also started a spinning class once a week using an arm cycle. It’s been two weeks and, so far, I just love it.  It’s great cardio and strength training for arms AND core muscles.  My stomach is developing a six-pack.  Maybe more importantly, it’s fun and social which makes me want to keep going.

My left hip flexor continues to be the weakest link in the walking muscle chain.  It’s firing more consistently now, though nothing compared to that of an able bodied person.  I’ve come up with a new exercise that is starting to show some small results.  I’ll provide more on that later.

Finally, the newest element in my physio regime is walking unassisted.  This gets left to the end of the session because, when I’m done, I’m spent. My balance is terrible.  If I touch something with my right hand, I have no problem balancing. Even if I’m using the tip of my pinky finger, I’m cool.  Then I’m left only addressing muscle function issues.  Take away that aid and I have a difficult time.  I do it, but it looks hilarious. I rival John Cleese for the silliest walk.   I’ve gotten a little better each time as I become more familiar with the balance mechanics required to get my left leg through its uneven stride.  I tire quickly because when my balance waivers, my quads and core muscles engage and use all of my energy to stop me from falling.  As I get better with balance, that saved energy will go into walking further. I plan to record it so I can keep track of what I’m doing wrong and any improvements made.  I’ll post in the video section.

Until next time…



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