La Dolce Vita

27 09 2010

Time flies. I’ve had three weeks away in Europe and have been back at work for a month since my last post. Here’s the progress report:

The first bit of news happened accidentally.  My hotel in Barcelona turned out to be inaccessible: there was a flight of stairs before the elevator much longer (10 steps) than anything I had attempted before.  Instead of lugging everything around Barcelona looking for a new hotel, I gave it a try.  I was successful and it was easier than I anticipated.  Despite the photo, I did use a spotter.

I upped the ante on the first day of sightseeing.   I climbed the steps of a double-decker sightseeing bus and walked to my seat.  I’m not going to lie.  It was tough.  The stairs were steep with a left turn three steps in.  The walk down was the hardest part though.  I had to rush because the bus did not stop long and I descended backwards which meant I had to put faith in my unstable left leg to support me on the steep drop.  All turned out well, however, and I was able to enjoy beautiful architecture while basking in the sun.

After the double-decker bus, other tour buses were easily conquered.  They were more of a Grey Hound-type with a giant first step and then four or five regular sized steps.  For the larger cities, I booked cars to make life easier.

Back on the ship, I practiced climbing flights of steps (see video) and walking through hallways though I did not do either as often as I should.  I didn’t take my muscle stimulator either.

So now, back into the swing of real life, I continue to work away at physio.  I’m concentrating on my left quad. Quarter squats are my least favourite exercise, but they have the biggest results.  I’m not sure if it’s observable yet, but I have a real sense of control when I walk now – which is an awesome feeling.  Previously, I could step on my left leg, even stand on it isolated, but it was just kind of there holding me, not propelling me.  Now it is an agile and active participant. I do an activity at physio where I stand and my therapist pushes me in various directions.  It’s a balance exercise and, with the development in my left leg, I have no trouble keeping myself upright while he tries knocking me over.  Progress!

I tweaked a muscle in my back this past week and it was painful so I haven’t been exercising much. Wow, how quickly my body revolts against me. I already feel my quads have weakened.  The good news is I’m starting to feel better so squats here I come!



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