10 07 2010

I went to physio on Thursday and told my therapist about my attempt at stairs.  He pulled out his purple step and so began my training.  The step was only four inches (I think a standard step is eight) so it was easy to conquer (yeah!).  As is the case with just about everything physio, however, once is not enough.  I performed eight up-down repetitions and that had my quads making some noise.  Tuesday I’ll try increasing the reps.

In my last post I mentioned that I would be attempting the two steps to get into my friend’s house for dinner tonight.  I went and it turns out that there were two steps, then a ten-foot patio, and then a three-inch threshold at the door.  And. no. rail.

My first reaction was to abandon the experiment because I need a rail for balance to climb stairs. Instead, against my conservative instincts, I gave it a try.  I had a friend behind me in case I fell backward and another friend in front of me whose arm I used for balance.  It worked.  The steps were manageable and I had no trouble walking across the patio and over the threshold holding my friend’s arm. The experience was smoother than I expected, enjoyable even.  It definitely helped boost my confidence.

I think there’s a life lesson in this for me: be less rigid, take things as they come, TRY.

This little trick is going to be so handy for Europe this August.  I will now be able to get into the little, inaccessible restaurants and shops.  Mmmm…gelato here I come.



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